Walter Arader

Walter Arader Himalayan Art was founded in 2010. The primary focus of the gallery is sculpture and painting of Tibetan, Chinese, Indian, and Nepalese origin dating from the 8-18th centuries. Walter has dealt significant works of art to institutions such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Rubin Museum of Art, The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, numerous public and semi-private museums in mainland China, as well as to numerous American, European, and Chinese private collections.

Walter was awarded a Masters in Tibetan and Himalayan studies from the University of Oxford in 2013 with a thesis guided by Dr. Ulrike Roesler, Lecturer in Tibetan and Himalayan Studies at the University of Oxford, and Jeff Watt, the founding curator of the Rubin Museum Art and Director of Himalayan Art Resources. 

Walter sits on the board of Himalayan Art Resources, the leading online educational resource for the study of Himalayan Art, and actively supports charities and scholarly institutions such as the Oxford Center for Buddhist Studies, Himalayan Art Resources, the Rubin Museum, and the University of Richmond.

Walter Arader 喜马拉雅艺术馆成立于2010年,主营8至18世纪源于西藏地区,中原,印度以及尼泊尔的鎏金铜像;同时经营精品唐卡,中国绘画以及亚洲珍贵地图。迄今,画廊已为各大博物馆,如大都会博物馆,鲁宾艺术博物馆、旧金山亚洲艺术博物馆;众多中国大陆的公共, 半私立博物馆;以及无数来自美国,欧洲和中国的私人收藏提供了重要的喜马拉雅艺术品。

Walter Arader 已于2013年在导师获英国牛津大学西藏及喜马拉雅研究硕士学位,他的学术论文由牛津大学西藏及喜马拉雅艺术博士导师乌尔丽克·罗斯勒(Ulrike Roesler)指导,以及鲁宾艺术博物馆前策展人,喜马拉雅艺术资源中心主任杰夫·瓦特(Jeff Watt)指导。

Walter Arader在喜马拉雅艺术资源中心的董事会上,这是一个喜马拉雅主要的教学研究网络资源库;他也同时积极的支持除此资源库外的相关的慈善及学术机构,比如牛津佛学研究中心,鲁宾艺术博物馆,和里士满大学。


Tian Shui / Director

Tian’s professional art experience covers private sector, public sector and government in the United States, Greater China and France. Her expertise in art advisory, business development and art finance is well recognized by her previous organizations and colleagues. For the past two years, Tian has been working for The Armory Show, the largest and the oldest art fair in the U.S., at its VIP department, organizing approximately 60 private viewing events every year. She also has built remarkable relationships with major banks and leading business schools for VIP programs of Beijing International Art Fair. She now works as Gallery Director of Walter Arader Himalayan Art.

Tian graduated from NYU with a Master Degree of Public Administration in Finance, and previously from Central University of Finance and Economics in Beijing, China with a Bachelor Degree in Economics and Minor in Psychology. She is also an artist and food critic herself.

在美国与中国,天阳的艺术经验涵盖了私营,公众及政府等多个领域。她在艺术顾问,商业发展和艺术金融方面的能力被同事与相关机构广泛认可和赞誉。天阳过去两年在美国最大也最古老的艺博会军械库艺博会VIP藏家部门工作,负责组织每年近60个顶尖藏家与博物馆的私人导览活动。同时也帮助国内北京国际艺博会建立了主要银行与商学院VIP客户的关系。天阳现担任Walter Arader画廊总监一职,负责亚洲及主要客户发展。